With so many edits around these days, and so much footage being dropped onto social media, for our 2014 edit we felt the need to up our game, not just take a wake park as everyone else gets to see it and do some laps.
We wanted to create something showing off the best of the UK talent, in a location and riding a set up nobody else had done before…
Luckily our friends at Club Wake Park came to our rescue and offered us their park for the day, to do WHATEVER we wanted to. Now this was something we could not pass up… So many ideas, so much we could customise… And these are the results.
When you add the likes of Nick Davies, Lew Cornwall, the Peacock Bros (and a special mention to our boat shredder Edd Blundell who stepped up and slayed those rails) to the customised version of Club Wake Park, you get something a little different… we hope you enjoy!

WSW Wake Team Edit 2014 – Keeping It UK from watersportsworld on Vimeo.